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H3 Podcast

Jan 28, 2020

On this episode of the H3 Podcast the gang discuss Alfredo eating his own diarrhea, Kobe Bryant's death, The Grammy's sucking ass, Coronavirus sweeping the nation, and a whole lot more!


Papa John's Boots

Dan and Ian are perfectly synced

Philly D Clickbait Analysis

Tyler's speech at the Grammys

Roads being destroyed in China

Bodies all over hospital

Streets deserted

Graph of spread

People falling down sick

Incredible Chinese industrial feat building hospital

People working in china

Health scientist claims holy mother of God

-Quarantine increased to 50mil & school cancelled until February 15 (source needed)

Building in China saying to stay at home

Bodies on floor and gunshots people trying to escape the Quarantine

Police throwing infected people in Van

More photos of people trying to escape Wuhan

People dying everywhere

Spraying disinfectant on street