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H3 Podcast

Jul 25, 2020

On this very special episode of the H3 Pocast we celebrate our 200th episode! Together the gang reflect on the past and future, HELP's conclusion, Jake Paul's super spreading party, Belle Delphine's new gifts for us, Dr. DisRespect's strange Washington Post interview, Johnny Depp & Amber Turd's pooping incident, and we have a chat with the Jersey Outlaw, Jimmy Lee!

Belle's packages

H3 High School Portraits

Twitter video of Jake's party

New trend of haircuts… chopping with a butcher knife 

Russian stylist changes scissors for axe to make cool haircuts

This barber uses an AXE and hammer for his clients’ haircuts

Video clip from Dodger game a few nights ago with cutouts in the stands and fake cheering

Awful food in the NBA bubble

Gamer Girl Trailer